Yep, it's true the National Powerball Lottery and the Texas Lottery are now played three days a week. The draws are now on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for both lotteries, and here's why.

The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) that operates the Powerball Lottery says that by going three days a week, it will generate larger total jackpot winnings which more people tend to play. It's proving to be true with the Powerball Lottery, as the current jackpot is now well over $355 million dollars. The three-day draw began on Monday, August 23rd.

While the Mega Millions will remain the same at two draw days per week. That's on Tuesday and Friday. The Mega Millions also has a big jackpot now, it's over $330 Million Dollars.

Let us not forget, that with three drawings a week on Powerball and the Texas Lottery, that also means you have another chance at winning, however big or small your winnings might be. The way I'm looking at it is, I've now got something to do on Monday evenings prior to the game.

One other very important observation is that I've got to remember and put some extra money aside in order to play both the Powerball and the Texas Lottery on Mondays now.

I asked, "by going three days a week what does that do for our chances at winning the big jackpot?"  Well, I stand a better chance of being struck by a random bolt of lightning, or even better yet I stand a greater chance at becoming President of the United States of America. Now, according to the MUSL "winning the big jackpot is a 1 in 292.2 million chance."

That said if I play the lottery no matter what my chances are I still have a chance. However, if I do not play the lottery at all, I'm 100% guaranteed not to win. Needless to say, I'm gonna play so wish me luck.

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