If there's one thing I hate about Spring in west Texas, it's the fire-ants. This weekend I worked on my lawnmower and when I least expected it, my wife and I were being attacked by thousands of fire ants. So I hit the internet in search of ways to rid myself of these pests, when I discovered that I need some flies. Yes, but not just any fly will do, I need a Phorid Fly.
The Phorid fly is the fire ants natural enemy and is mainly found in South America where fire ants came from. Sanford Porter is a United States Department of Agriculture researcher, who's been studying the Phorid flies effect on fire ants. The video shows how the fly gets into the fire ants head and consumes the ant from within. I have only one final question, where can I get my hands on a few thousand of these Phorid flies?


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