One day, while preparing for my radio show, a tap at the door interrupted my thoughts. In walked four Girl Scouts, dressed in their uniforms, accompanied by their leaders. They were on a mission to sell cookies, a routine approved by our station manager. Unlike many, I don't just buy a box or two; I buy by the case.

Suddenly, an idea struck me: why not use the power of radio to boost their sales? I invited the Girl Scouts to go live on air, where they enthusiastically described the various cookie flavors and shared where listeners could find them over the weekend.

Among them was a particularly charismatic 10-year-old named McKinsey Weber. For the past eight years, McKinsey has been my go-to Girl Scout cookie supplier. It’s no surprise that she is now pursuing her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement for Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts.

To earn this award, a Girl Scout must tackle a community issue she's passionate about and devise a creative solution. McKinsey’s Gold Award project, “Adaptive Taekwondo,” offers taekwondo classes specifically for children with special needs in our community. She noticed that many kids were eager but too intimidated to join martial arts classes.

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Starting June 29th, McKinsey’s six-week program for children ages 5-16 will be hosted at X-Treme N'Tensity Cheer and Tumble in Baird, Texas. These classes are free for special needs children in the Big Country area, providing a safe and supportive environment. McKinsey, along with other taekwondo instructors, will guide the children through their martial arts journey.

To participate, contact McKinsey Weber at 325-701-0006 to pre-register. An adult guardian must accompany each child.

McKinsey hopes to inspire and empower children who have felt too intimidated to try something she has loved for years. This project not only fills a gap in our community but also helps McKinsey achieve her final Girl Scout Gold Award.

On a bittersweet note, I’ll soon need to find a new Girl Scout to keep me stocked with cookies and to join me on my radio show. But knowing the impact McKinsey is making, I couldn’t be prouder.

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