The last time I can remember wanting to watch Sesame Street was nearly 30 years ago, when Mr. Snuffleupagus was seen by someone other than Big Bird for the first time. Now, I have another reason. One of my favorite television shows, 'The Voice' will be spoofed. This may be the new form of celebrity flattery, taking the place of "Weird" Al Yankovic covering your song.

The muppets of Sesame Street will take on the NBC reality talent show in an episode that will air September 24th. The sneak peek clip shows us coaches Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Agulilera, and host Carson Daly as muppets. As the coaches turn their chairs away from the stage (and muppet Carson is knocked to the floor by muppet Blake's chair), a contestant comes out and proceeds to tap dance rather than sing.

The judges think it's somebody singing, and proceed to gush about how fabulous the voice is that they're hearing. A discussion ensues, explaining to the coaches that it's not a voice they were hearing, and the clip cuts off before we can fully learn the Sesame Street lesson. Funny Stuff.

I know Blake has a pretty good sense of humor, and I expect he'll be more flattered than upset that he's the butt of Sesame Street's joke. But I hope the rest of the cast finds humor in this.

Here's a look at the sneak peek:

What do you think of the video? Hopefully, when the full segment airs, I hope it explains why the fourth coach, Adam Levine, isn't in the clip. I can't help but wonder.

Kudos to Sesame Street for keeping the kids' show fresh, as it enters its 43rd season on the air. Will you be watching?