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'Sesame Street' Explores Autism With New Muppet
Sesame Street has provided decades’ worth of early education and inclusion, and now the series will help shed light on autism as well. The children’s classic has released its first official videos featuring Julia, a new four year-old muppet with autism who will debut in early April.
'Sesame Street' Favorites Luis, Bob and Gordon Let Go
Human characters may not get as much spotlight on Sesame Street, especially since the big move to HBO, but no less than three fan-favorites are officially leaving the neighborhood. Say goodbye to Luis the fix-it man, Bob the music teacher, and Gordon the science teacher, the actors for which have be…
SNL and Taraji P. Henson Take 'Empire' to 'Sesame Street'
At some point in the SNL writer’s room, everyone must have realized that guest host Taraji P. Henson plays a monstrous character named Cookie on the smash hit Empire and, a few Cookie Monster jokes later, they were scrambling to call the producers of Sesame Street. Yes, SNL put Henson’…
Jimmy Fallon and The Roots sing with Cast of Sesame Street
Last month we showed you a clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where Jimmy and Robin Thicke did a remake of Robin's song 'Blurred Lines'. The song was done using classroom instruments. Now Jimmy has joined the group The Roots and the Cast of Sesame Street singing 'Sesame Stree…

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