So we all want to live long, healthy, happy lives but how do we do that?  I ran across some pretty good tips, they may not add 20 years to your life span but it will help give you a little extra time on this planet.Did you know that flossing your teeth can be good for your heart?  What do your teeth have to do with a healthy heart?

When you floss, you rid your mouth of bacteria that can cause inflammation in the gums. This inflammation can travel to the heart, leading to heart disease.

More great tips are drinking tea, especially green tea, has been proven to cut cancer risks.  Taking vitamin-D can help with building bones and boosting the immune system.  Spend time with friends; social interaction can be extremely positive on your health. Having Faith, no matter what your denomination,  can be a great stress reliever because of the community of support that comes with faith.  Sex, yes, sex has many benefits.  Yeah, yeah, we all know ONE of the benefits but did you know it also improves sleep, reduces stress, boosts immunity and can even help you look younger. Embracing age and just being happy will help you live a long live too!!  I just gave you the basics but there is actually research that has been done with all of these with great results!  So drink your tea with friends, laugh, have faith, brush and floss, take your vitamins and well, umm find that special someone who can help boost your immunity!  Live long and prosper.

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