Some time ago I ran across Men's Health magazine's latest rankings for the most sex-obsessed cities in America. Boy oh boy, was I surprised to find out one city in Texas ranked at the very top of the list. Then I looked at the top 10 and realized that Texas was the only state with multiple entries in the top 10.

The Men's Health article and rankings discussed sexual satisfaction (and frequency) between married couples. First off, this is not a subject I'm at all comfortable with discussing. Nonetheless, the fact remains that Texas has four cities in the Top 10 of Most Sex-Obsessed Cities in America.

To give you a better insight into the numbers and how they were derived, you'll see several rankings below from ThrillistMen's Health, and PsychCentral all dealing with different subjects, from condom purchases to birth rates to STDs. So a big question still remains for me: are we Texans really this obsessed with sex?

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The 10 Most "Sex-Happy" Cities in America:

10. Houston, TX
9. Bakersfield, CA
8. Oklahoma City, OK
7. Arlington, TX
6. Indianapolis, IN
5. Denver, CO
4. Durham, NC
3. Columbus, OH
2. Dallas, TX
1. Austin, TX

The Top 10 Cities with Highest Condom Sales in America:

10. Boise City, ID
9. Toledo, OH
8. Detroit, MI
7. Denver, CO
6. Colorado Springs, CO
5. Cheyenne, WY
4. Aurora, CO
3. Grand Rapids, MI
2. San Antonio, TX
1. Austin, TX

The most interesting part is that Texas has only three cities in the Top 100 rankings for STDs in America. Those cities are San Antonio at #37, Austin at #49, and Houston at #58. Finally, Texas is not as conservative as we put on because, YES It's True Texas Has Nude Beaches, both public and private beaches.


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