Yes, the times they must be hard, when you hear headlines like "Wal-mart Shutters Mp3 Store After 7 Years." I never thought that I would hear the words, closing-down and Wal-mart in the same sentence. Here's the real scoop. Although Wal-mart made a run at the "digital" world by setting up a "Wal-mart digital store."It was pretty much in my opinion was, well, Wally-World just jumping on the bandwagon to capture an already captured market. Captured by the giant Apple.

Apple had the digital download market cornered and the folks at Amazon's MP3 site setting their laser sights on challenging Apple's iTunes in the digital music market.

The real proof is in, that the digital music world is moving to an access-over-ownership future. The million dollar question is, whether Wal-mart is really down and out of the download business or will they attempt at launching a more focused attack on the Mp3 market. The real dilemma is, that Amazon, Apple and Best Buy just to name a few are not the only ones offering down loads at a low price. This very website you're visiting right now, sells Mp3' downloads and ringtones too.

The real problem was when Wal-mart first started by offering songs at 88 cents to iTunes' 99 cents. And when the "price" didn't lure the masses,  Wal-mart changed it's plan, with a variable pricing plan offering customers even lower prices like, 74-cents, 94-cents and $1.24. Then wally World offered a free download awarded like a "frequent Flyers Club" rewarding anybody that purchased a CD from Wal-mart a free MP3 download.

Wal-mart is shuttering its seven-year-old MP3 store, according to a report in the New York Times. The store's last day will be Aug. 29. I will admit I am saddened at the news because I believe this is another sign of the times.