As a state, Texas has grown and raised amazing musical talents in just about every genre, from country to rap to rock 'n' roll. And when it comes to the recent trend of celebrities creating or endorsing alcohol products, Texas has no shortage of boozy celebrity brands.

Keep reading to find out which Texas music stars have their own alcohol labels.

Texas Music Artists You Didn't Know Have Alcohol Brands

In an effort to diversify their investment portfolios, many music stars turn to the latest trend of producing alcohol brands — and these Texas music artists are no exception.

When it comes to Texas, you can't beat country music. Songwriting legend and unofficial patron saint of outlaws, Willie Nelson, and the King of Country, George Strait, paved the way for celebrity alcohol endorsements with whiskey and tequila brands that grew beyond traditional country music fans. Strait's tequila brand, Codigo, even inspired a hit song of the same name. You can watch the video below:

Country music newcomers like Miranda Lambert, Parker McCollum, and Randy Rogers continue that same tradition through bourbon and wine. Lambert even takes entrepreneurship a step further by offering a Red 55 Winery tasting room at her Lindale, Texas boutique The Pink Pistol.

Several Texas rockers and pop stars have taken the business plunge, too.

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Nick Jonas, one-third of the Jonas Brothers, made big waves when he partnered to create Villa One Tequila. Despite what his faceful of tattoos may suggest, rapper and songwriter Post Malone created a summer rose wine in 2021, bringing a new level of sophistication to his stage persona. Even ZZ Top's infamous Billy Gibbons got in on the booze game with a tequila brand after autographing bottles to be sold at ZZ Top live shows.

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