Thanks to the chaos of Covid-19, social distancing has hindered many events, including auto shows. So, why not have a virtual car show?

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Simply upload a photo, or two, of your car, truck, and/or motorcycle, then we'll share those photos with our audience.

You've probably invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in your vehicle, so why not show it off any time you get a chance, right?

We'll accept your photo submissions through the end of Sunday, May 17th then will put up the gallery on Monday. However, you're always welcome to visit this page to continue submitting photos.

Oh yeah, and speaking of classic cars, we're still in the planning stages of Cruise Night, but will be announcing the date of this year's event before the end of June. Please bear with us as we navigate the restrictions placed upon all of us during this time.

If you're killing time, then check out the photos below showing Abilene: Then vs Now - which is a collection of photos comparing 10 years ago to today.

Abilene: 10+ Years Ago & Now

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