A US soldier that's been serving in Iraq will take the Bucking Bull by the Horns. The event is scheduled to take place at the giant Ft. Worth Honky Tonk Billy Bob's Texas. The soldier I speak of is United States Army Captain Christopher Combest as he will fulfill his long-time dream by riding a live bucking bull at Billy Bob’s October 7 at 9pm.

Captain Combest has been deployed overseas since 2009 on his second tour, he has served in Iraq (twice), from Nigeria to Kazahkstan. He is now making his way home to be stationed in Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas. He is currently looking forward to riding a bull in the legendary indoor arena at Billy Bob’s. When cautioned about the dangers of bull riding, Captain Combest laughed!

Billy Bob’s Bull Riding has been in the family entertainment facility and concert hall since it opened in 1981. Billy Bob’s Arena has bucked over 50,000 bulls in its 30 year history, and has hosted legendary World Champion Bull Riders such as Tuff Hedeman, Jim Sharp, Adriano Moraes and Ty Murray. Today, Billy Bob’s has two bull riding performances every Friday and Saturday night. Bull riders continue to ride every weekend, and the baddest bulls are always waiting for them.

David Allan Coe is the feature performer on October 7th, when Captain Combest’s will be bull riding and Combest and his wife will be treated to reserved seating in the showroom for the concert. For ticket info contact Billy Bob's Texas