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Who doesn't love a good rodeo, especially the one that's coming to the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas featuring four nights of action-packed entertainment, world-
class talent and western sports that culminates with The American Rodeo.

The American Western Weekend is set for March 8th through the 11th, 2023 at Globe Life Field. This is hailed as the "Crown Jewel of Rodeo." The American Rodeo celebrates the pioneering spirit of the old American west. Don't wait, get your tickets here and now, and also listen to win tickets.

So, in order to celebrate the "Crown Jewel of Rodeo" one needs an extraordinary entertainer to match the kind of talent that will be competing in the American Rodeo. I'm of the opinion that you'll find no better than the award-winning Entertainer of the Year and Grammy Award Winner Cody Johnson.

Dust off your old riding boots and get ready to hit the trail for a weekend of fun, fierce competition, and musical fun with country music superstar Cody Johnson as you'll see in the video below. The American Western Weekend Rodeo guarantees a very competitive weekend as the athletes will be competing for the $1 million prize.

The American Western Weekend Rodeo Officials rannounced that "For the first time ever, a new competitive exhibition called The American Performance Horseman brings together the Western equine sports disciplines of reining, reined cow, and cutting for a $1 million prize." All that combined with the award winning Country superstar Cody Johnson concert, this is a Western festival like no other. Source:  The American Rodeo Jill Waldman

Furthermore, the American Rodeo is an annual Western sport and entertainment celebration that matches rodeo's professional top athletes, who have put up their own money to bet on themselves during this showdown. For more information visit The
American Rodeo online, or @TheAmerican on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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