Pregnant Turkey Prank
This Thanksgiving, have some fun with your holiday turkey. Try out this, 'turkey was pregnant' prank on an unsuspecting family member and see what happens.
Brining a Turkey
There are lots of ways to fix a turkey and everyone has their own favorite recipe. However, no matter what, you want to brine your turkey to keep it from becoming dry.
Bake a Turkey
This Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday make a picture perfect turkey, and for the longest time I thought it was not at all possible. I resolved myself to deep-frying and sometimes smoking a turkey because when I baked one it was either too dry, too light or too dark in color. My question was, can I…
The 10 Funniest Thanksgiving ‘SNL’ Skits
Thanksgiving is almost here and while Thanksgiving doesn't have the carols or claymation specials of Christmas but that doesn't mean that Turkey Day is without its traditions. There's turkey and wine and football and bickering with your family and the classic 'SNL' sketches.…
Turkey Farmer Tries To Catch A Turkey [VIDEO]
Jerry Hoak has a simple dream, he wants to be a turkey farmer, he's got cows, a llama and a dog but he does not have a turkey. Hoak has done everything he could to get ready to be a turkey farmer, except getting his turkeys. There are lots of wild turkeys on his land but none have made into his turk…

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