It’s been almost five months since Trace Adkins‘s Brentwood, Tenn. homed burned, and now it looks like demolition crews are finally bringing it down. On Wednesday afternoon the big man tweeted this picture, adding, “The house coming down.”

The June 4 fire began with the dryer in the garage. Adkins was traveling, but his daughters were inside watching a movie when they smelled smoke. Investigators believe it was an electrical issue that triggered the blaze. The girls, the Adkins’ nannies and all pets managed to get out safely.

In July, Adkins expressed his frustration with how long it took to get to the rebuilding process. “It takes ridiculously long,” he told CMT. “I just want to get what’s left of that house torn down. It looks sad. It’s the eyesore of the neighborhood. We all want to get it gone.”

It took firefighters over three hours to bring the blaze under control  back in Kine, and the structure was determined to be a total loss. It’s not clear if Adkins will rebuild on the same property once crews finish bringing down the charred building. At last check, the family has been staying in a cabin on the same property.

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