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The most expensive home in the Big Country just went on sale, and I mean "on-sale" as in saving an additional $199.001.00. What was $3.2 million dollars can be purchased for $2.9 million dollars. The best part is that this amazing home comes with a ton of land, a pool, its own little lake (pond), and an awesome name. It's called the "Crazy Mare Ranch".

My friend Zach O'Bosky (with Tonya Harbin Real Estate) told me about this incredible dream home that's right here in our own backyard. I asked Zach about some unique properties that are on the market here in the Big Country. Two of them got my attention one he called the "Home-Alone" home which is kind of like the house in the movie and this one the "Crazy Mare Ranch" which I would buy in a heartbeat without hesitation if I had the cash.

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The Crazy Mare Ranch has right at 5,000 square feet, 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a four-car garage (attached), an incredible swimming pool, a complete outdoor kitchen, a two-story barn dominium guest house, two separate workshops, its own mini-lake, and it is sitting in the middle of 153 acres of breathtaking West Texas land in Taylor county.

This is my dream home, my forever home, my once-in-a-lifetime home. I can't stop looking at all the pictures and daydreaming about how awesome it would be to live in a home like that. The other cool part is that it's near Abilene but not too close. Near Tuscola a great school district and a great place to go out deer hunting (with my cameras) because I would be out there feeding them.

How cool would it be to be able to just veg out in it for a weekend or so? So as you can probably already guess if I win the lottery I'm telling Zach and Tonya to call Movoto by/OJO and get the keys to the house at 766 County Road 131, Tuscola, Texas. Because I'm gonna be moving and you are invited to my first backyard BBQ.

By the way, I'll probably change the name to the Crazy Rudy Ranch, unless you got a better name.

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