Seems there is an app for almost anything you could possibly want now. A while back one of my co-workers mentioned having a 7-Eleven app on their phone and I busted out laughing that he had a convenience store app on his phone.That led to us discussing our favorite/craziest app we have downloaded and thought I would share that with you.

I asked around the office to see what everyone's favorite apps were and here a few you might want to check out.  I was quite surprised by some and downloaded a couple that I didn't know about.

  • Chaz McGuire (Rock 108) has 'Finger Drums'. Anyone that knows Chaz knows he will sit and drum with his fingers on any stable surface that is available. So this is quite fitting for him.
  • Rudy Fernandez (KEAN 105) Gas Buddy, because as far as diesel is concerned it’s still over $2.50 a gallon. On my way home I bring it up and tells me which station has the best price. I will admit it has been wrong once before.
  • Staci (Business Manager)/Karen (GM) -Staci and Karen, like me, are Pinterest addicted gals; because you can find all kinds of fun stuff to make, bake, cook, or wear. There is so much on this app it's really all anyone should ever need. I think we all spend hours on this app, scrolling through all the cool stuff to do. Now we just have to find the time to be creative!
  • Frank Pain (Rock 108) MapMyRide – trying to exercise a little by riding my bike and using GPS it maps each ride I take. Shows me my fastest, slowest and average speeds as well as other health related info. Also shows how I compare to previous rides of the same mapping. It’s a great barometer of how well (or bad) I’m doing with my riding.
  • Carla  (Traffic Mngr.) says 'I will always love my SoundHound , If want to know what an old/new song is on a commercial or a new TV series I’m watching, this is my go too. I also have Shazam installed ,my fingers don’t work fast so I need two apps.'
  • Scott (Sales) is a weekend golfer and likes the app 'Golf GPS'.  You can find a particular golf course and through GPS technology the app will find you on the course and help you make your shots by determining wind speed and distance for each hole. This app is Scott's best friend!
  • Michael (Sales) "Trivia Crack" the trivia game were you play your friends in a trivia battle! It is addictive and everyone is playing it right now.
  • Pete Beretta has only one app on his phone and it, of course, is a Doppler weather radar. [There are a few different ones to choose from but iWeathr is designed for the iPhone.]

I personally don't have many apps on my phone but one that I do have and love is 'Quick Scan' which you can use in any store to scan the bar codes on products. It will give you the lowest price found and then list places you can find that product. So if you scan a product in Target but it finds it cheaper elsewhere it will let you know. Pretty cool if you ask me. I'm also addicted to Pinterest, my Hobby Lobby and Michael's apps which give you coupons and discounts, and Farmville 2.

So what are some of your favorite or crazy apps?

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