Kids these days are addicted to their phones and it's become dangerous is some ways. As the parent of a teen, I know it's hard to pry these devices from their hands but the more I read the more I wish they were never invented. There are some apps out there that you should be aware of and at least monitor if your child has it downloaded. 

According to The Good Men Project website, there are 4 apps that need you should know about. Snapchat, Kik Messenger, Whisper, and So why are these apps not so great for teens to have? The main reasons are they allow cyber bullying (anonymously in many cases) and sexting. These are two of the biggest problems there are when it comes to electronics.

Snapchat allows kids to send photos and videos to their friends but they disappear within 10 seconds. Kik Messenger is another way to send videos, photos, gifs, memes and more. Whisper is an app that allows teens to remain anonymous while revealing secrets. Most of the users on this site are female and under 25. This app leads to a lot of cyber bullying and it also allows you to talk with other users using GPS capabilities.(This can lead to pedophiles looking for young female users). is an anonymous question and answer social network site that is also tied into Facebook and Twitter.

According to CoolMomTech there are a couple of other sites to be aware of too. Vine and Tinder. Vine is intended for adults and the site has taken some steps to make it's content  unavailable to teens but we all know that is impossible to achieve. Tinder is an online dating app which should be for adults although it available for anyone 12+.

It's easy to let the kids do what they want when it comes to the phone. In fact, I don't really think much about the apps that my kid has downloaded but I will be checking them out now for sure. We have to learn to be as savvy as they are when it comes to technology.

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