Remember Tamagotchi? The handheld digital pet, which you raised from an egg to an adult creature, was all the rage in the '90s.

Now it's back, as an app.

It's called 'Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.' (love is fun everywhere) and as with the original you make the pet grow by feeding, disciplining and playing with it. There will also be a new mode which allows owners to use their phone's touch screens to play rock, paper, scissors with their virtual pet.

The app, which is developed by Sync Beatz, will be free, with an ad-less version costing 99 cents. It is already available on Android devices and will be coming to Apple shortly.

Sensing Tamagotchi might have Angry Birds-like appeal, Sync Beatz plans to follow up the launch with a line of Tamagotchi-based products, including apparel and home furnishings.

What do you think? Is Tamagotchi the next big thing that lives inside of your phone? We always thought Tamagotchi was pretty ridiculous as a free standing device. But as an app...hey, it is free.

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