As summer begins to wind down, some of us are trying to squeeze every vacation day we can out of what's left of summer. Wallet Hub's "Best and Worst States for Road Trips" list can be a helpful tool for discovering what each states strengths and weaknesses are. While Texas didn't rank first in any of Wallet Hub's criteria, the Lone Star State surely wasn't last. Check out the winners and losers.

Best States for Road Trips

  • #1 in Driving & Accommodation Costs - Arizona
  • #1 in Traffic Conditions & Safety - Virginia
  • #1 in Weather Conditions - Montana
  • #1 in Fun & Scenic Attractions - Washington

Worst States for Road Trips

  • #50 in Driving & Accommodation Costs - Connecticut
  • #50 in Traffic Conditions & Safety - Oklahoma
  • #50 in Weather Conditions - Alabama
  • #50 in Fun & Scenic Attractions - South Dakota

Texas Road Trips Rankings

  • #13 in Driving & Accommodation Costs
  • #39 in Traffic Conditions & Safety
  • #27 in Weather Conditions
  • #23 in Fun & Scenic Attractions

While the overall rankings are an indicator of how each state fares, Texas was ranked 29th over all. Mississippi came in dead last in the rankings, while Oregon takes the top spot as a "Road Trip" and wallet friendly State.
Source: Wallet Hub.

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