OK, so most of us that travel using our nations airports all have our little horror stories about that time when you were at the DFW airport and this guy did whatever. You get the Idea, well someone put together some of the more comical things that have happened at airports around the world. While somethings are just not cool or against the law, it seems "flash mobbing" is still OK.

First off greeting your friend Jack in the airplane is never a good idea, no matter how many little bottles of vodka you've consumed. Keep in mind, while flying to your summer vacation destination that a little patients and courtesy will go a long way. One story is the two teens that decided to "surf" the luggage conveyor belt into secured areas and surfed right into jail. Another report of a woman that called in a bomb threat to the airport to delay a flight when her boss in Miami was behind schedule for his flight to Honduras. She followed up a bomb threat telephone call with an e-mail, which was later traced. Then there's the time when someone tried to sneak a dead relative on to a plane in a wheelchair (to avoid paying the fee for transporting a body). One traveler at the OKC airport showed up sitting in a wheelchair wearing only panties and a bra. One TSA worker revealed they were not letting her through.

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