The whole time I've lived in Abilene, I've seen homes and buildings that catch my eye. Some of which I ask, "Why is that building empty?", "What were they thinking?" or better yet, "I'd love to own and live in that awesome place!"

Some of these structures are legendary. Some are downright gorgeous. To a lot of folks in and around West Texas, who may have never seen these homes before, here are a few photos. Check out the gallery and let me know which of these structures or homes catch your eye.

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Which House Would I Love To Live In?

The Big Country is lucky in the sense that we have some very historic, unique, and  interestingly built buildings. While I have not been in all of them, I have had the pleasure of visiting many. One of which I would buy if I won the lottery is Kasimirs Mansion at the corner of Meadow Drive and Buffalo Gap Road.

But, what gets me, is when someone buys a unique or historic building, and then go off and change it completely. Historic buildings should be (in my opinion) restored, and then allow the public to visit, tour, or appreciate them in some way.

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Here's some interesting and useless info for you...

The "Dome Home" (I got to tour when it was being built) and others like it, became extremely popular in the 70s and 80s because of their energy efficiency. They were said to be virtually indestructible. Too bad they didn't catch on, because I'd love to live in one.

The rest of the homes in the photo gallery are homes that make my heart swoon and have me yelling "Come to me, lottery payoff!"

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Gallery Credit: Stacey Marcus

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