Now that summer has returned to Texas, it's time to start enjoying those frozen ice-cold treats. After eating a healthy summer salad, I rewarded myself with a small chocolate milkshake. I was enjoying my reward when out of nowhere I got hit with an excruciating brain pain. While I've had several in my life, I haven't had one quite like this. It brought back some long-lost childhood memories of brain freeze.

After surviving my little pain journey, I thought to myself, "What causes these and how do I make them go away?" Furthermore, is there a way to prevent them altogether?

Now I sit in front of my computer, smoothie in hand, researching "brain freeze". If only I known the cure was to just "slow down eating/drinking the cold frozen stuff", and not "mint leaves in a warm cup of tea" or "place tongue on the roof of your mouth" or "suck your thumb" or "hold your left arm above your head" (the latter of which I cannot do). The question remains, "How do we stop a brain freeze?"

Then I found these videos on YouTube. Check them out below and you tell me, is there a way to survive these life-threatening brain freezes? If you have a quick fix, please share.

Warning: when enjoying a frozen treat during these hot summer days, do not operate heavy machinery, walk a high wire at a circus, juggle running chainsaws, and by all means, do not drive during a brain freeze. Pull over, turn on your flashers, and breathe. I hope the videos below will help.

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