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Since the pandemic began in 2019 Americans have been struggling with anxiety. Texans are no different in fact Texas ranks in the top five states in America with the most people with anxiety. According to the latest findings from World Population ReviewTexas climbs to number 2 on the list for having the most people struggling with depression and anxiety.

The latest studies reveal mental issues that grew from 2019 up until 2021 were caused by the pandemic. New Jersey ranked #1, Texas was #2, Alaska #3, Tennessee #4, and rounding out the Top 5 was Oregon was #5.  While this is not good news, we Texans must work together to better improve our mental health offerings in the Lone Star State.

LOOK: These Food Items May Calm Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

These foods are said to help calm and possibly eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression.

With the total number of Texans that are dealing with mental health as anxiety and depression has noticeably changed over the last few years. The good news was that those numbers started dropping in 2021. However this year, 2022 has seen those numbers rising once again. WebMD has just posted that some foods may actually help calm stress anxiety and depression.

Below is each state’s prevalence of mental illness and the approximate number of people experiencing a mental illness in that state. States are in order of lowest prevalence to the highest prevalence.

Here are the 10 states with the highest rates of serious mental illness:

  1. Virginia - 5.53%
  2. Texas - 5.28%
  3. Alaska - 5.20%
  4. Tennessee - 5.17%
  5. Oregon - 4.98%
  6. Iowa - 4.96%
  7. Kentucky - 4.96%
  8. Minnesota - 4.87%
  9. New Mexico - 4.85%
  10. Ohio - 4.82%

More interesting is the fact that both the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and WebMD have recommendations from those in the medical field to help deal with or relieve some of those mental health issues. Here are the top 10 foods that can help deal with, alleviate and or maybe eliminate some mental issues that are being caused by the pandemic.

Always please seek professional help immediately

While it is recommended that anyone dealing with anxiety or mental issues should seek professional help right away. These are some of the things that are recommended to help, as dietary intake can and does affect our well-being. Lack of some dietary nutrients has been proven to be the cause of both mental and physical health issues.

As with any illness always seek medical and professional attention right away. I hope this helps you, I know that several of the above-mentioned foods have helped me deal with work, life, and general stress and anxiety.

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