During this pandemic, some levity is certainly welcome. And as much as I love a good prank, whether it's against me or I'm pulling it off, with the current situation, you have to think a little bit about the subject of the prank.

Take a woman in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, she decided to pull off a "twisted prank" and walk into a grocery store there and purposely cough on produce and other parts of the store according to easttexasmatters.com.

What the hell is wrong with people? I'll be honest, if I wrote down what I really thought about this woman, you'd report this article to the FCC. The woman was arrested and will be charged with multiple counts.

Another incident happened in Pennsylvania a couple of days ago. In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a man walked up to an elderly man who was wearing a mask and gloves, because he is recovering from pneumonia, and coughed at him according to abc27.com.

Looks like Pennsylvania is the epicenter for morons in this country during this pandemic. Just my opinion, if someone gets sick and dies from these people and their stupidity, they should be charged with murder. With everything going on, there should be zero tolerance for anyone being an imbecile.

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