For as long as I can remember I have referred to Houston as "Planet Houston". I do not mean anything negative by it, I just see that Houston is so large, and I haven't seen the highway or road construction messes I've observed in other cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, or San Antonio. I see Houston as a city that's got its stuff together.

So it's no surprise to see Houston the only United States' city in the top 5 to be selected by fDi Intelligence as the "#3 Global City of the Future" on planet earth. First off, what is fDi Intelligence, and what do they know about picking cities of the future? Essentially, they are a Foreign Direct Investment publication that seeks out the best in cities around the world for future business.

Houston ranked the highest in the top 20 as far as cities in Texas are concerned. However, Texas landed two other cities in the top 20 for "Global City of the Future". As you'll see in the graph below, Austin is at #11, and Dallas was #19, meaning they too have the right stuff to continue doing the business of the future.

These are the top 20 Global Cities of the Future for 2023:

1. San Francisco, United States
2. Montreal, Canada
3. Houston, United States
4. Dusseldorf, Germany
5. Hamburg, Germany
6. Boston, United States
7. Wroclaw, Poland
8. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
9. Seattle, United States
10. Espoo, Finland
11. Austin, United States
12. Manchester, United Kingdom
13. Reading, United Kingdom
14. Basil, Switzerland
15. Belfast, United Kingdom
16. Rotterdam, Netherlands
17. Nanjing, China
18. Miami, United States
19. Dallas, United States
20. Atlanta, United States

I find it extremely interesting that the rest of the world is just now finding out how awesome Texas is, and how many other countries already do business with some of our homegrown businesses in the Lone Star State. Is it no wonder that so many people are moving to Texas to do business here, much like Elon Musk and Tesla who recently moved to the Austin area?

Governor Greg Abbott just released the Lone Star State's most popular destinations in the U.S. for foreign direct investment over the last two decades. Check it out below. Source: Gov. Abbott Texas Economic Development and fDi Intelligence

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