There are a plethora of license plate designs from which you can choose and those come at a cost. However, if you're cheap like me you just take what the TxDMV issues you. That will now be a new design with extra security thread features. They aren't pretty but they are practical.

The new plates will be available once a county has issued their inventory of current general-issue plates. There are only 4 counties in the state currently using the new plate. New plates will also be issued if your current plates are 7 years old, they are retired at that time due to reflectivity issues.

Unlike the current plates,which are quite busy, the new design will be a simple black and white with a retro feel. It will feature "TEXAS" at the top, a silhouette of the state in the middle separating the letters and numbers, a lone star in the top left corner and the state motto "The Lone Star State" at the bottom.

The plate will also have 2 security threads embedded into the metal that makes it easier for law enforcement to recognize real plates from copies. The numbers on the plates will also be bigger. There will be three letters followed by four numbers and will be in alpha-numeric order to make it easier to remember.

Now if you aren't a fan of the new plates then of course you can still choose from one of specialty plates for $30+. You can choose from colleges, organizations or come up with your own design. You can order specialty plates through the MyPlates website.

The TxDMV says the main reasons for the change are easier readability, better security, increased letter size and the black and white color goes with any color vehicle.  For more information on the new Texas Classic plates see the TxDMV website.

What do you think of the new design? Do you like it's simplicity or do you even care?

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