Holiday Bar Hopping
There's only so much time we can spend with our family, during the holidays, before we need to decompress. Here's a list of bars to hit during the holidays.
Best Bars in Abilene for Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day
To many, St. Patrick's Day is all about drinking green beer. But, if you really wanna be like the Irish, drink a red or dark/black beer, like Killian's Irish Red or Guiness. But, regardless of the color of beer, it's good to know some of the places around Abilene to visit to get your 'fill'...
Fatherless Teens Are In Trouble More Often [VIDEO]
In today's society, we are seeing more and more children with anger management issues/problems.  And still a significant number of Americas youth have violent outbreaks. According to some of findings from the Department of Health Education and Welfare, the anger / v0ilent children are usually boys.  Often these boys are trying to gain the respect from their peers by taking on a posture of strength
Party Invitation Goes Viral On Facebook [VIDEO]
If you are throwing a party for yourself and you want to invite all of your friends, be careful using Facebook. A 16 year old girl in Germany decided to invite her friends to her sweet-sixteen birthday party but neglected to check her Facebook settings as "private". That is when the invite got way out of control. Over 1,500 people showed up and so did the police, firefighters and the amb