Zoo Summer Camps
Kiddos are about to be out of school but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop. The Abilene Zoo is registering now for their annual summer camp classes.
Pythons Snake Massage
If you're ever in Cebu City, Philippines you can get a special massage from four giant Burmese python snakes. The Cebu City Zoo manager says the snakes are well fed prior to giving massages to keep them from getting any ideas. Nonetheless check it out and ask yourself, would you do it?
Bear Rescues a Crow
This is an awesome video of a bear and a crow at the Budapest Zoo. Some zoo attendees were able to capture an amazing moment of kindness between animals on video. The big bear is in his own enclosure and a crow has fallen into the bears water pond. What the bear does next had me cheering "y…
Panda Cub Mysteriously Passes Away at National Zoo
Washington's National Zoo is in mourning for the tiny newborn cub of their panda bear Mei Xiang. Her baby was born a week earlier and was the center of attention, especially since pandas are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. As of now, the death remains a mystery.
Abilene Zoo Celebrates Dyess Air Force Base
Abilene is a unique community with our ties to the military and Dyess Air Force Base. We have a great fondness of our military personnel that will be celebrated this weekend at the Abilene Zoo's, Zoolute to Dyess day. Join in all fun activities Saturday, May 19th.