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The Children's Art and Literacy Festival (aka the CALF) is right around the corner. There will be tons of fun events going on in downtown Abilene and throughout the Key City and you'll want to make sure that you're close to the action.

This year stay in one of Abilene's awesome AirBnBs that is close to the Storybook Of the World, downtown Abilene. Now, "The Eleven-18 House" is centrally located in what we call the Sayles/ Highland Historic District of Abilene. After a fun-filled day at the CALF sit back, relax, and unwind in the very historic house that was owned by the infamous Abilene restauranteur Mac Eplen of the famous Mac Eplen's Driveateria.

Yes, you can stay at the home that for decades housed the genius behind the drive-thru restaurants of Abilene. "The Eleven-18 House" is less than five minutes from the Convention Center, The Storybook Garden, Frontier Texas, the Grace Museum, the SoDA District, and all those wonderful dining establishments in downtown Abilene.

The 2040 square foot home can Accommodate eight adults and provides a welcoming charm that is perfect for family gatherings, bridal showers, Anniversary celebrations,  bridal parties, or just a private retreat.

You'll quickly discover that Mac Eplen's Eleven-18 House has lots of extra amenities like outdoor patios, a private deck, a garden of flowers, and so much more. This Airbnb Has a fully equipped kitchen where one could prepare some of old Mac Eplen's secret recipes found in the Mac Eplens Driveateria cookbook.

To reserve your stay contact Melody about this amazing Airbnb.

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