If you have ever attended the Children's Art and Literacy Festival (CALF) in Abilene, you know how much fun that is. The Children's Performing Art Series (CPAS) is no different. Every time the CPAS puts on a show it typically sells out. My advice is to get your tickets early because kids are going to love the Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical.

For the past few years, the CPAS has sold out before every show. Don't hesitate to get your tickets online early. Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical will have kids - and maybe even kids-at-heart - on the edges of their seats singing along.

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As the story goes, Cat Kid and Molly Pollywog have taken on the task of teaching 21 rambunctious baby frogs how to create their very own comics. Their fishy father Flippy is so excited that all his children are being taught how to be creative.

The problem is when 21 baby frogs start sharing their creative thoughts, they begin bickering over their outrageous imaginations. Father Flippy flips out and wonders if their comic creation will ever be successful.

The question remains - will creativity save the day? Will the frogs ever learn to get along? Will their comic creation succeed? You will find all the answers in Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical, which teaches children how to get along, problem-solve, and succeed.

The musical is scheduled to show at the Paramount Abilene (352 Cypress Street) on Sunday, February 4, at 2 PM. We'll see you there.

Photo by: CPAS / Dawn Ripple
Photo by: CPAS / Dawn Ripple

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