Canadian born country superstar Terri Clark is back. And she's got a new album that will be released at the end of this month. The new album is titled "Roots and Wings", available for digital download July 26, physical release date of the CD is Sept. 13. This is the first word from Miss Clark since her "Long Way Home" album since 2009.

YouTube - Terri Clark Northern Girl

Terri Clark produced the new album, and co-wrote 10 of the songs on the album.When it comes to the music business Miss Clarck is very savvy, she has been writing songs with the industries best and biggest writers like Tom Shapiro, my old friend Jim Collins, Tia Sillers, Kristen Hall just to name a few. As further proof that Terri Clark's at the top of her game she brought along a couple of friends as backup vocals like, Kristen Hall, Sonya Isaacs and Alison Krauss whom just released her own "Paper Airplane" album that I reviewed last month. Get on the pre-order list for the album by going to the Terri Clark website.

Roots and Wings track listing:
“Wrecking Ball” (Terri Clark, Tia Sillers, Victoria Banks)
“Breakin’ Up Thing” (Terri Clark, Kristen Hall)
“The One” (Terri Clark, Tom Shapiro, Jim Collins)
“Northern Girl” (Terri Clark, Kristen Hall)
“Beautiful and Broken” (Terri Clark, Kristen Hall)
“The Good Was Great” (Terri Clark, Tia Sillers, Deric Ruttan)
“Lonesome’s Last Call” (Terri Clark, Jim Rushing)
“Smile” [featuring Alison Krauss] (Terri Clark, Karyn Rochelle)
“We’re Here for a Good Time” (Ramon McGuire, Brian Smith)
“Flowers in Snow” (Terri Clark, Kristen Hall)
source: Terri Clark website


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