Joe Ely is a legend and an icon of modern music, rock and yet his graceful delivery of Americana. Is what I believe keeps his youthful and full of musical energy.Ely has been making great records since 1970, and with his latest addition to his long list of albums, "Satisfied At Last" I feel brings together his past, present and his future. The man is a powerful performer, Ely is the energy in his music and the energy that drives his band. Ely says "This album is my life project, it's the early years, the middle and my future all wrapped up in one album. that's why I called it Satisfied At Last."

Joe Ely Hanging out With Fearless

A good many years ago I met Teye an incredible flamenco guitarist. Teye was playing at a little restaurant called Alioli's Mediterranean Grill. We seemed to have several friends in common and the fact that I love music and he loves to play, even if it's just for some great Italian food and some authentic Spanish sangria. Teye played, we all ate and the world seemed a much nicer place because of all the peace and harmony, oh yea and the homemade sangria. He kept telling me that upon occasions this guy named Joe Ely would call him and have him come play either in the studio or live in concerts.

Well, as fate would have it the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy award winning Joe Ely shows up at my studio saying hey man can you give a guy a listen. He was a sight for sore eyes, Joe Ely looks like he's still in his thirty's (late thirty's) and acts like he's twenty five years young. So bringing back some of his old friends like David Grissom, Butch Hancock and flamenco guitarist Teye. Mr. Ely captures the essence of his youth yet paints the future as a mature well respected artist that deserves all the acclaims and accolades he gets.

Thanks Joe for the studio drop by I'm still waiting for the drive back visit, please bring Teye and we'll have one of those old KEAN radio control room jam sessions. You my friend are a star!



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