ABC’s Robin Roberts caught up with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw this morning on ‘Good Morning America’ and got the couple to reveal that a collaborative album is something they’ve been thinking about for quite awhile. However, the superstars stopped short of setting a time frame for such a project.

“It’s OK to lower her standards for a song or two, but for a whole record, I’m not sure she wants to do that,” McGraw quipped, referring to his wife. Throughout the nearly six-minute long interview, he was paying his wife little compliments in often self-deprecating ways.

Both singers are headed to Australia next month for a tour and family vacation. They’ll be taking their daughters with them for the eight show, two week long jaunt overseas. The girls like watching their parents sing, but McGraw admitted they’re a lot more interested when it’s Mom and Dad working together. They get bored after just two shows when it’s just him.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, the McGraw and Hill were on ‘GMA’ to promote their Soul2Soul perfume and cologne set. Roberts begins the interview by suggesting that the scent is a perfect representation of who they are as a couple. “It’s all fake,” McGraw answered with a wry smile. “We’re really married to other people.”

For the first time since 2002, both singers will have new music available to fans in the same calendar year. ‘Emotional Traffic,’ McGraw’s final release on Curb Records, was released in January, and Hill has a new album — rumored to be called ‘Illusion’ — due in stores later this year.

Watch Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’

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