Okay so it's time to sit back watch a few videos and maybe laugh a little along the way.  I have found what  think are some of the best or most interesting I've seen this week.  Let's check them out; you have to bring your own popcorn though!

First off, parents if you have college age boys and you come home and your couch is missing and your boat too then you might want to check the closest lake for couch surfing.

This is really fascinating and the best use of Post-It notes I've ever seen.  The time lapse photography and creativity is incredible.  The art work is great but I want to know how long it takes to make each new design and are post-its really that strong?

Now who new that Beluga whales liked mariachi music. I mean they always seem to have a smile on their face but this whale seems to stick around and do a little dance too.

So there you go my top three videos of the week. Got something you want to share let me know maybe I'll feature it next week!