Although Scotty McCreery's heart is broken in his song "Damn Strait," it had to be full after filming its music video. The self-proclaimed Strait superfan chose the legendary Gruene Hall as the backdrop.

The iconic Texas honky-tonk — which is still in business — is where Strait and his band cut their teeth before he became the King of Country. In the video, we see articles and old photos of Strait hanging around the venue (they're always there).

Couple that with shots of the worn down bar and dance floor — not to mention the fact that the entire video is shot in black and white — and it feels like a perfect homage to the legacy the older country star left there.

McCreery opens the video sharing a little about his idol's big break: Strait played Gruene Hall regularly in between trips to Nashville, when he was trying to land a record deal. This carried on for six years before he and his band grew weary. In 1981, they made what they said would be their last run to Music City — if that one didn't work out, they would be done with music.

By the end of 1981, Strait not only had a record deal, but his first album on the shelves, Strait Country. The album's artwork includes a picture of Strait leaning on a table in Gruene Hall.

"Damn Strait" is the second single off of McCreery's fifth studio album, Same Truck. Written by Jim Collins and Trent Tomlinson, the song was released on Oct. 18, 2021. McCreery knew he wanted to record the song the moment he heard it. The clever twist on the title seems to obvious, and yet no one has used it for a song before now.

McCreery has personal experience with Strait. Ahead of the Season 10 American Idol finale, the young hopeful received a phone call from the King himself. The finalists were encouraged to sing songs from artist who inspired them.

"George called me up," McCreery tells Taste of Country, "and he was on his boat in the Caribbean doing some fishing and he said, ‘Hey, man. I heard I get to pick a song for you.'"

Strait chose "Check Yes or No" for the Idol contestant to sing. McCreery would go on to win the season, launching his country music career. Fellow country artist Lauren Alaina was the runner-up that year.

McCreery is currently out on the Same Truck Tour, which will continue through Feb. 19. In March he will head overseas for shows in Ireland, Dublin, Germany and the Netherlands before returning to the States for dates that will have him booked into the summer.

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