We've all heard the old comment "slap your mama" as a left handed or a rather awkward complement. When something is so good that you say "your food was so good, you ought to go home and slap your mama for feeding you all that garbage all these years." Now comes a product that claims it's so good you should "Slap Ya Mama."

While in Sweetwater for the Rattle Snake Round-Up last weekend, my wife said "on our way out of Sweetwater we're stopping by Brookshires grocery store because they're always having a good sale on meat." Since we don't have a Brookshires in Abilene I agreed. That is where I spotted this line of Cajun products by the name of "Slap Ya Mama." There's the spicy seasoning, beans and rice, Jambalaya and host of others.

I thought this was hilarious, I've only used that term a million times to endear myself to my wife when she's taken to the kitchen. I didn't get to buy any though, because when I picked it up my wife said to me "you'd better go hunting bear with a switch boy!" I guess the grin on my face was a dead giveaway. It's got to be really good because as I stood there by the display several people got some. If you've tried it, let me know what you think of "Slap Ya Mama."


Slap Ya Mama Facebook photo