October is breast cancer awareness month and as the month is down to it's final days, sister station Rock 108 is going all out to help a local non-profit organization (The Alliance for Women & Children) raise funds that go directly to patient and family support. Rock-108 Program Director Frank Pain came up with the idea and it helps that it rhymes, they call it "Requests for Breasts." If you want to hear a certain song on the Rock station, simply submit your request into the front office at 3911 south first accompanied with at least a five dollars or more. Requests are then played from 11 AM until 3 PM. The final day is Friday Oct. 28th. So hurry and get your money and request into the radio station. Some that have paid for requests have asked for country songs, big band tunes and one requester asked for funny man Steve Martin's King Tut. This is one radio promotion that I really think is a great idea, because it turns the radio into a giant jukebox that generates money for a great charity like Alliance for Women & Children. As one of the oldest woman’s organizations in the Big Country, the Alliance for Women & Children (formerly known as the YWCA) has supported women and their families since 1920. The Alliance has developed into a strong support network for women and families fighting breast cancer. They also work with Doctors, nurses and area hospitals to help the patient and their families.

The promotion Began on Monday, October 24th at 11am, and has been selling out the requests. It's true they’ll play anything you request, so long as you pay. As a fellow broadcaster I came up with five dollars and requested one of my favorite songs I don't ever hear on the radio, it's Van Halen's Little Guitars I finally heard it in it's entirety on Rock 108 Thursday.

Frank said "all requests that come with a $5 donation (or higher) will get played with 100% of the donations going to the Alliance for Women and Children here in Abilene." Basically, you pay and we’ll play anything you want to hear. It doesn’t matter what genre…you pay, and we’ll play. So come on by the Rock 108 studios, at 3911 South 1st, and drop off your donations and requests then listen for your request to be played.

From 11am-3pm, Monday through Friday (October 24th-28th) make sure to tune in to see what has been requested. But, most importantly, listen in to see who these great people are that are donating during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We accept cash and check (payable to AFWC) for all donations. So come on by anytime to make your request to be played during Requests for Breasts.

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