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I can't tell you how many times a day I'ii say something about "everything's bigger in Texas and we are better at it too" and I mean it. Whether I'm talking to one of my eight children, my spouse, over the radio, a coworker, a listener, or someone that has just moved to the Lone Star State, I say it with pride, not with arrogance.

I'll admit I'm proud to be a Texas-born Texan, and when my wife told me of an article she had just read on News Break about the "Richest Cities in Texas" I responded with my chest out "I thought ALL Texas cities are rich because they're in Texas." She was more flabbergasted at the annual income of the Texans that reside in these cities.

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I did a little research and presto-whamo, yikes some of these cities are oozing with money. It's not that a few millionaires or billionaires are living there. It's the fact that these fellow Texans are working their butts off and making their communities rich.

My next question is, where do I sign up? Some of these cities/communities are making hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual income. As you guessed, these cities are near some major Texas metroplexes. Like Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Here's the list of cities and their stats from several different sources like Texas, Name, and Property They all had similar numbers but the fact remains, there are a lot of people in the small cities making some serious cash.

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