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Abilene's cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies need our help right now as the All Kind Ailene Animal Shelter. The shelter is overflowing with both dogs and cats. While our animal shelter is set up to accommodate only about 135 animals, the shelter is holding on to over 190 dogs, puppies cats, and kittens, plus additional dogs that are in quarantine for biting.

The All Kind Abilene Animal Services Director Andrea Robison is asking all Big Country residents that can adopt or foster to please come forward and do so. These animals really need our help and as a community, we can all make a big difference by helping to empty the shelter and we can do it seven days a week.

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The Abilene Animal Shelter is now open 7-days a week now

The good news is that the shelter is now open 7-days a week now. That's right, the shelter is open on Sundays as well. Miss Robisonn said that the shelter is in dire need of some real, honest-to-goodness animal lovers with big hearts. If you fit that description, you are being called on to help. The cost shots, micro-chip, flea-and-tick dipped and, spay and neutering fees are included in the adoption costs.

When I interviewed Miss Robison she said "it is of the utmost importance that animals are adopted and fixed. the problem not just in Abilene but all over west Texas is that a lot of pet owners do not fix their pets. Pet owners need to be more responsible and get their fur babies fixed. Not just dogs, but cats as well."  Source: Andrea Robison All Kind Animal Rescue Shelter Director.

Furthermore, keep in mind that if you adopt a dog, cat, kitten, or puppy you will be supplied with vouchers to get the animal fixed as soon as possible. The more Big Country residents adopt and the more animals continue getting fixed the more control over the animal population. However, the key to success is "responsible pet owners."

Again if you have an aminal that is not fixed please get it done. It does not make them fat, lazy, aggressive, or mean. It makes you a caring, responsible pet lover.

Let's all work together to empty the shelter. The shelter is located at 925 South 25th Street.

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