2014 looks like it will be a big year for the 'Paranormal Activity' franchise, with a fifth film hitting around Halloween and the intriguing spinoff, 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones,' arriving in a week. We don't know much about 'Paranormal Activity 5,' but we do know plenty about the spinoff, which takes this increasingly complicated found-footage saga of demons and possession to a Latino neighborhood. Two new clips have arrived from the film, and if you're looking for more of the same, you'll be very pleased.

The first clip is a little unsettling, with a character filming himself as he pulls, uh, something, from his eye. The second, though, is the exact kind of thing you'd come to expect from this franchise by now: our camera-wielding protagonist wanders into a terrifying house and sets his camera down in a very convenient spot, just in time to reveal a creepy scare.

By now you know whether or not you're a fan of this series' particular aesthetic, and these clips will either comfort you by letting you know that the films are still doing what they do best or just remind you why 'Paranormal Activity 4' was the final straw. Paramount knows what's up: these things are dirt cheap, they do great business and there is simply no reason to stop them coming on a yearly basis.

'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' opens in theaters on January 3, 2014.

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