Well it seems there is an official holiday for pack rats.  Those people who like to "collect" way too much of one thing or another.  I have to say I am one of these people.  I collect those plastic cups you get from restaurants, receipts from stores, phone books, clothes, shoes, CD's, magazines, books well you see where I'm going with this....I'm a pack rat or as they are called these days "hoarder".  Tomorrow is a special day set aside for pack rats.

Some of us collect one or two certain items, like stamps or coins, others just collect a lot of junk for no particular reason.  The latter would be me.

I have no idea how or where this day got it's start but there are some simple rules that go along with celebrating the day.

In keeping with the intent of Pack Rat Day, here are some Do's and Don't's:

  • Don't clean your room, basement, garage or any other area today.
  • Don't discard anything today...It may be valuable.
  • Don't even empty the trash today. You might have accidentally thrown out something useful.
  • Do keep an eye out for useful stuff being discarded by others.
  • Do go to garage and rummage sales. They can be pack rat gold mines.
  • Do look around your belongings and be thankful for what you have.
  • Do spend time thinking of uses for your things. Justification for saving is satisfying

I think these are pretty easy rules we can all follow.  I know for sure I can follow the first tip.  I need to have a garage sale but tomorrow I will not under any circumstance clean out anything in my garage or closets. Please join me in celebrating!

Are you a hoarder/pack rat?

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