Baby animals are a weakness for me. I love anything "miniture" whether it's a new born baby or an animal. There is something about baby animals that just makes your heart melt. This newborn deer takes it's first steps of life with mamma close by.

A nature photographer caught this baby on video and posted for all to enjoy. And we are.

The baby deer was born in Vancouver Island, Canada on Departure Bay Beach. He is so adorable on his little wobbly legs and hungry too, as he tries to feed from mom.

Ok, let's all say it together: 'Awwww'.

<a href=";vid=d0ad9a25-641e-4bd9-907c-c18c964f2507&amp;from=en-us_msnhp&amp;src=v5:embed::" target="_new" title="Adorable Newborn Baby Deer">Video: Adorable Newborn Baby Deer</a>

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