Recently my wife and I decided we would try to find a smaller home now that the empty nest has started settling in. At one time our home housed eight children, two cats, a dog, and a couple of guinea pigs. Today it's home only to my wife, me, and our youngest daughter who is in college.

As I struggle to mow the lawn which is over three acres and she struggles to keep up with housework on 4,000 square feet of living space, it all seems a bit much now. So maybe it's time to downsize.

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As I started looking around for new possibilities, I found that Stacker Media had compiled a list of cities around the "Abilene Metro-Area" with average top-end home prices. When I learned that Abilene was not at the top of the list, I was blown away. Then I learned that these tiny neighboring towns are home (pardon the pun) to some pretty expensive houses.

Below are the latest "Average Home Values" around the Big Country as of April 2023. As the old saying goes "read 'em and weep!" Source: Stacker Media

Average Home Values in order of price

  • #15. Stamford - Typical home value: $50,546
  • #14. Hamlin - Typical home value: $57,629
  • #13. Cross Plains - Typical home value: $85,604
  • #12. Tye - Typical home value: $88,525
  • #11. Anson - Typical home value: $93,241
  • #10. Baird - Typical home value: $101,350
  • #9. Cisco - Typical home value: $102,125
  • #8. Lawn - Typical home value: $125,403
  • #7. Merkel - Typical home value: $131,096
  • #6. Clyde - Typical home value: $139,876
  • #5. Abilene - Typical home value: $176,862
  • #4. Hawley - Typical home value: $201,114
  • #3. Buffalo Gap - Typical home value: $221,311
  • #2. Tuscola - Typical home value: $339,649
  • #1. Ovalo - Typical home value: $363,269

There you have it, purchasing "the American dream" is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. If you decide you would like to move outside of Abilene proper, some of these surrounding towns have some pretty pricey homes to offer.

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