The Music Meltdown Festival is a concert with Zach Harmon Band, Kirk House Band, Callahan Divide and OdduSee. The Festival will benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters and will be a first outdoor concert for the American Legion Hall. The Festivities will be at the American Legion Hall at 302 East South 11th. street.

Zach Harmon said "I've always supported our local charities in Abilene. I just felt like I need to be more pro-active when I get involved with our local charities that I support."  When Michelle Parrish the Director of Events and Corporate Development for Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) in Abilene was asked, 'why Zach Harmon?' Parrish said "one of Zach's band members is related to and involved with the BBBS organization and after thinking about it, it makes sense because Harmon and the band already support BBBS, it just feels natural." The festival promises to be fun for young and old alike, so get your tickets early and listen your chance to win tickets on KEAN 105.



Music Meltdown Festival


August 18th, 2012


4:00 p.m. till Midnight


The American Legion Post at 302 E. South 11th street


all ages $10.00

Ticket Locations

Cavendars Boot City 2401 South Danville Drive
Cattilac Style 2317 South Danville Drive
Big Brother Big Sisters 547 Chestnut

More Info.

Bring your lawn chairs but leave the coolers at home. alcohol will be available for sale for on premises-consumption by the American Legion Post.

This video shows how BBBS works for all involved.

This is a video of the Zach Harmon Band performing 'The Stars Still Shine Over Abilene'.

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