The kids are out of school and many folks will be heading off for vacations soon. There are a few movies that I advise you NOT watch before you take that trip; otherwise you may never leave town. My family was talking about vacation time and what we might want to do this year and the very next night Turistas and Hostel are both on TV. That got me to thinking about other movies I did not want to see. So here are a few I came up with, you probably have a few you could add as well.


If you are headed to the beach then you definitely don't want to watch this one. You won't even want to take a bath. This movie came out in 1972 and I'm pretty sure beaches everywhere saw their worst season ever.


Even if you're with a larger group of friends this one will have you second guessing going anywhere abroad and drinking. It doesn't matter if you carry an organ donor card with you or not these people aren't picky about who's liver and kidney they take or how far they have to go to get it.


After watching this movie I will never, ever stay in a place called a 'Hostel'...if it doesn't say 'motel' or 'hotel' I'm not going in. This movie will have you distrusting everyone and hoping you don't run into anyone who has been wronged in any way; otherwise you will be the one paying the price. If you're lucky they will just kill you clean and simple, but most are demented and like to inflict a great amount of torture first.

River Wild

This movie is kind of modern day 'Deliverance', which you will see below, that says do not go rafting down a river without a professional guide to ensure your safety. Somewhere along the way you will run into some bad guys who want to take your money and kill you.

A Perfect Getaway

There is no such thing as a 'perfect getaway' remember that. This movie will have you second guessing ever leaving your hotel to go on a hike. The scenery may be beautiful but it's probably best to just look at it from your room window.

Wolf Creek

Even though it's on my bucket list, I may never go to Australia after watching this movie. If I do I will never rent a vehicle and take off into the Outback on my own. Apparently the folks living out in the middle of nowhere are not friendly individuals.


This movie will have you even second guessing yourself. Could you be the one murdering everyone? The person you decide to trust might not be the one you should. Talk about a movie that messes with the head this is it. Don't trust anyone and never stay at a roadside hotel in the middle of a rainstorm. Nothing good can come of it, nothing.


This movie was released one year after I was born, but I didn't watch it until a few years ago. Again, don't go river rafting. Period. These guys didn't belong out in the wild, they were city slickers. As the promo says, '4 men decided to go canoeing for the weekend, instead of playing golf'. Not a wise choice.