This mountain ranch-style Airbnb really is in Abilene. The photos just took my breath away. This is absolutely beautiful and just looking at these photos makes me want to head for the mountains or out to the country.

LOOK: At This Stunning Mountain Ranch Style Cabin Airbnb In Abilene

How Many People Will This Place Accommodate?

While a Disney, beach, cruise ship, or theme-park vacations sound wonderful, just the sight and all the amenities in this south-side Abilene Airbnb have me thinking "I want to live there forever!" The best part is that there are over 33 amenities and will comfortably accommodate up to 13 guests.

This stunning mountain-ranch style cabin has 3 bedrooms, 11 beds, two baths, two kitchens (one inside and one outside) and the outdoor layout is absolutely spectacular. It is over 2700 square feet. The decor will inspire and calm those that stay a while.

Some of the amenities include an 80-inch flat-screen TV, a washer, a dryer, a pack-n-play travel crib, air conditioning, two fireplaces (one indoors and one outdoors), WiFi, dedicated workspaces, an outdoor kitchen bar, a waterfall, and it is landscaped like you are in the Rockies or Yellowstone National Park. If you ask me it's the perfect place to detox and relax with family and friends.

What Will This Airbnb Cost?

What does an incredible place like this cost? Well, the minimum starts at $280.00 a night. Minimum two nights on weekends and they're open to weddings, family reunions, and whatever special events you can think of.

Finally, the inside décor will absolutely amaze you at all the wildlife from the owner's travels and hunts in New Zealand, South Africa, and right here in West Texas.

The only thing I can think of is, I wished I could retire there and live like a mountain man forever. This is certainly my kind of vibe.

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