Getting Ready For The Rudy Cruise [VIDEO]
The 2011 "Rudy Cruise" is almost here and time to start making plans as to what sights to see, what excursions to take and what can I afford. I know one thing for sure since we are going to Nassau Bahamas and that close to Paradise Island I am for sure going the the awesome Atlantis Resort. Have you seen this place? It is huge and offers just about everything for any budget. If you've go
Gone To The Beach, Be Back Later
Ronna French said she started dialing and the first three times she got a busy signal. When she dialed the fourth time it rang she said, "though it was kind of scratchy that I almost hung up. Then, this guy answers the phone and said YOU ARE CALLER 25 and I said shut up!" Ronna French of Abilene just won a Luxury included family vacation on KEAN-105.