Remember the famous photo of Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway vent and her skirt blowing up?

Well that dress was just auctioned off and brought in $4.6 million dollars. That was actually a scene from the 1955 movie " The Seven Year Itch" where a subway train passes below and sends a draft of air upward, where Ms. Monroe was standing blowing her skirt upward as well.

The estimated sell price of the dress was between $1 and $2 million dollars.  It was part of a Hollywood memorabilia sale by actress Debbie Reynolds.  Her collection of memorabilia was to be placed in a museum she wanted to open but that project went bankrupt forcing her to sell her collection of Hollywood costumes.

Reynolds owned costumes from Judy Garland worn in the "Wizard Of Oz", Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Mike Myers (Austin Powers) and more.

Here is the famous scene from the movie.