One of my favorite country artists of all time - I refer to him as a country heartthrob and legend -  the one, the only T. Graham Brown is coming to the West Texas Fair & Rodeo. I still go around the house singing his biggest Grammy award-winning hit single "I Tell It Like It Used To Be".

This year's West Texas Fair & Rodeo promises to be awesome because of all the great music acts that are booked. I'm talking about traditional country, New Country, Texas Red Dirt, Top 40, and Pop Rock acts that are scheduled to perform at this year's event.

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T. Graham Brown owned the charts from the mid-80s until the late-90s with award-winning songs like “I Tell It Like It Used To Be”, “Hell and High Water”, “I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again”, “Don’t Go To Strangers”, “The Last Resort”, and “She Couldn’t Love Me Anymore”, “Darlene”, and “If You Could Only See Me Now”.

His 1998 hit single "Wine Into Water" introduced him to Christian audiences, and began the next chapter in his career which included singing and acting in faith-based films and TV series. Today, Brown says, "So long as I have my band and a bus, I'll keep bringing my music to the people as long as God will let me."

T. Graham Brown performed at the Taylor County Expo Center once before when he and Reba McEntire were here in the late 1980s, and I had the honor of introducing him on stage. His show back then was energetic and fun with everyone singing along. I'm sure he'll be bringing that same energy to our West Texas Fair & Rodeo.




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