As always the West Texas Fair & Rodeo promises to be entertaining and exciting. Every year we get to watch the cowboys and cowgirls compete in the rodeo, see students participate in the 4-H competition, hear screams of delight on the midway rides, and listen to the incredible stage performances.

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This year's lineup includes some Tejano, Country, and Texas Red Dirt concerts. So put on your walking shoes, get your tickets early, and let's get ready to have fun at this year's West Texas Fair and Rodeo. One artist I'm most excited to observe perform live is a young man I've seen grow up on YouTube.

Do you recall a video of the little boy standing in the middle of an aisle at Walmart singing like he was onstage at Radio City Music Hall in NYC? His name is Mason Ramsey, and he was only 10 years old when he stood there yodeling, singing Hank Williams's hit song "Love Sick Blues" (see the video below).

Well, Mason Ramsey is coming to Abilene to perform live at this year's West Texas Fair and Rodeo, along with a great roster of other artists.

This year's entertainment lineup includes:

  • Two Man Band - Friday, Sept 8, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Mariaches Trio - Friday, Sept 8, 7 PM - Midway 
  • Lance Battalion - Friday, Sept 8, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Two Man Band - Saturday, Sept 9, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Mariaches Trio - Saturday, Sept 9, 7 PM - Midway Stage
  • 12 Mile Road - Saturday, Sept 9, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Los Bromigos - Sunday, Sept 10, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Jackson Hatch - Monday, Sept 11, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Braxton Keith - Monday, Sept 11, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Tredwater - Tuesday, Sept 12, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Finis Smith - Tuesday, Sept 12, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Elvis Impersonator - Wednesday, Sept 13, 12 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Two Man Band - Wednesday, Sept 13, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • T. Graham Brown - Wednesday, Sept 13, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Parkside Band - Thursday, Sept 14, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Mariaches Trio - Thursday, Sept 14, 7 PM - Midway
  • Grady Spencer & the Work - Thursday, Sept 14, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Two Man Band - Friday, Sept 15, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Mariaches Trio - Friday, Sept 15, 7 PM - Midway
  • Jake BushFriday, Sept 15, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
  • Two Man Band - Saturday, Sept 16, 6 PM - MLM/BCH Stage*
  • Mariaches Trio - Saturday, Sept 16, 7 PM - Midway
  • Mason Ramsey - Saturday, Sept 16, 9 PM - Entertainment Pavilion
    *MLM/BCH Stage - The Stage Between Modern Living Mall and AEP Texas Big Country Hall

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